All about outfits #804-#809

Dinosaur overalls, various overalls, suspenders, and safari looks. Find them all in this first half of the series.

Summary information about the 800s series: 800’s Regular Kid Outfits, Pt. 1
All about outfits #810 – #815

I believe that most of these outfits came in about six versions, but some came with more and some with less. Most use letters A – F (ish), except the three later Coleco outfits that only came on Growing Hair Kids, which use the letters F, G, H.

NOTE ABOUT SHOES: The shoes noted as coming with each outfit are those I have the most evidence for. However, Coleco has been known to throw anything on a kid (for whatever reason), and during this time, they were trying to get rid of stock, so anything is possible. So, in a way, this is only a guideline.

#804 – Safari Outfit

Outfit: Top and pants
Shoes: Striped Sneakers

Other Information
* There are two different shirt patterns, each matched with three pairs of pants. Therefore, I think there are six outfits in total.
* This outfit only came on boys.

#805 – Unidentified

#806 – Top and Shorts with tie

Outfit: Button-up top and shorts that have a material belt
Shoes: Ballet Flats

Other Information
* This outfit only came on girls.

#807 – Dino Overalls

Outfit: White t-shirt with coloured trim and overalls.
Shoes: Striped Sneakers

Other Information
* This is the most frequently copied of the outfits in this series. This outfit is VERY popular.
* This outfit only came on girls.
* Although most of the buckles and buttons on these outfits appear to be brass (or brass-looking plastic) some are white plastic. There may also be two versions of the pattern on the buttons. (FB Conversation, April 2024)

Similar Outfits

There are many similar outfits, in that they are all overalls with a shirt underneath. However, they are generally not confused with this outfit as the pattern on these overalls is VERY distinctive. The following are the only exceptions.

#143 is a transitional period packaged outfit with a cameo pattern. Sometimes this is considered part of this series, as it came out about the same time. It is not.

Outfit #143: Packaged CPK outfit. It's purple and white cameo pattern overalls with a white t-shirt with purple trim.

Some versions of #875, a toddler overall style outfit, also came in a dinosaur-patterned fabric.

Outfit 875: Pink and white stripedruffled toped overalls with a white blouse underneath. The overalls have yellow and blue dinosaurs on them.
Photos courtesy of Sarah Bensette-Renaud.

#808 COLECO – Romper with tie and Shirt

Outfit: Collared button-up shirt with a full-length romper that ties at the shoulders and has a matching fabric belt. There is one pocket on the romper and no patches.
Shoes: Ballet Flats; maybe Kissing Kid shoes?

Other Information
* There’s some evidence that a few of these outfits came with Hasbro Kissing Kid shoes, which would be very odd.
* This outfit came on some Growing Hair Kids in the first half of 1989.
* This outfit only came on girls.

#808 HASBRO – Romper with tie and Shirt

Outfit: Collared button-up shirt under a full-length romper which ties at the shoulders and has a fabric belt. There is one pocket on the romper, and there is at least one heat transfer patch on the shirt or the romper. Some have more than one patch.
Shoes: Striped sneakers

Other Information
* This outfit only came on girls.

#809 COLECO – Pants with suspenders & shirt

Outfit: Pants with a small bib and suspenders consisting of pleather pieces and plastic buckle and loop. The collared shirt has a pastel stained-glass pattern to it.
Shoes: Unknown

Other Information
* This outfit is very rare. I believe it only came on Growing Hair Kids in the first half of 1989. I haven’t seen it on a regular 1988 kid yet. This is very strange as it’s a Coleco outfit. However, it uses the letters F, G, and H, and so maybe later additions to the series. This may explain why this outfit, and the others like it, didn’t show up until 1989.
* Growing Hair Kid hair accessory unknown.
* This outfit is aesthetically and materially different from the other outfits in this series.

#809 HASBRO – Pants with suspenders and shirt

Outfit: Pants with a small bib and attached suspenders. It also has a patch on the bib. Under is a collared shirt with no buttons.
Shoes: Unknown, maybe Saddle Shoes

Other Information
* Unlike other Coleco/Hasbro pairings in this series, the two #809 outfits look markedly different.

Similar Outfits

#180 looks similar if you don’t have the jacket. Hasbro poseable kid’s girl coveralls and general overalls.

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800’s Regular Kid Outfits – Summary

Dino overalls, safari outfits, and confusion are all part of this 1988 series. Finally straighten out the confusion between these outfits, Designer Line and other outfits.

All About Outfits #804 – #809
All about Outfits #810 – #815

There are 14 outfits in this series, #804 – #815, as well as two missing outfits, #805 and #813. All of the outfits were made by the KT factory or by Hasbro. Most of them likely came on KT kids. I am unsure if these outfits came with underwear, diapers, or panties. Do you know? Finally, they came with a variety of shoes depending on the outfit, including striped sneakers, ballet flats, saddle shoes, and chunky sneakers.

Photos courtesy of Chris Hansing Tallman, Jodi Issacs, Dani, Melissa Crick Gore, Kat Pershouse, and Jennifer Runnoe.

Most of the outfits in this series came out in 1988 on regular yarn-haired kids, but they can also be found on 1989 dolls. Consequently, they are often confused with Designer Line and Hasbro Poseable Kid outfits. They are also often described as transitional and some are, but many are not. (To learn about what I consider transitional, visit The Many Definitions of Transitional) To add to the confusion, some of these outfits also came on 1989 Growing Hair Kids, but Growing Hair outfits didn’t come on regular kids, and a few of the outfits in this series may have only come out in 1989. Those outfits could technically be considered transitional.

Photos from Coleco 1989 Catalogue, 1989 p. 7 & 9 and Hasbro 1990 Catalogue, p 2.

Confused yet? There’s more!

For an outline of the Coleco to Hasbro timeline, visit Transitional Period CPK Outfits – A Summary

Some of these outfits have both a Coleco and a Hasbro version, for example, #808, and some outfits were only produced by Hasbro, for example, #810. Based on an article from the Dec. 1988 Dolling Around Newsletter, it seems likely that the Hasbro outfits didn’t come out until 1989. So, I guess they are transitional. The article provides a list of the new 1988 outfits, and none of the Hasbro outfits are on the list. In addition, the VHTF Coleco outfits are missing, as I believe they would have thought them to be Growing Hair kid outfits (Ref #4, Dec. 1988, Vol 3, Iss. 1)

Some photos courtesy of Jodi Issacs.

As I said, some of these outfits also came on Growing Hair (GH) kids. When they did, they also came with a matching hair accessory. The outfits I have confirmed as coming on GH kids are #808, #809, #811, and #814.

Photos courtesy of Chris Hansing Tallman, Melissa Crick Gore, and Jennifer Runnoe.

Packaged? Nope

I have no evidence that these outfits ever came packaged. However, being so near the end of Coleco’s run, there may be package lots out there with individual pieces or entire outfits. Not being sold as packaged outfits and having been made for such a short period would also explain why the outfits in this series are generally harder to find.

Popular and Hard-to-find

Outfits #807 and #812 are the most sought-after outfits in this series, with #807 being copied frequently. One collector has gone so far as to hand copy the pattern of the fabric and recreate it so she could make exact replicas. They’re amazing! As for #812, cats.

 #805 would be the hardest to find if it exists, but at the moment, I believe that #814 and #809 (Coleco version) hold this title. Given Coleco’s previous history, there’s a good chance #813 was never produced.

There are many additional unusual aspects to these outfits. To find out more about each specific outfit, visit:
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