Shoes: Solid Form Boots/Sneakers

A sign of the 80’s, these Solid Form Boots/Sneakers are unique to certain CPK outfits. Find out which ones.

I call these shoes Solid Form Boots, but I’ve also heard them called High Top Sneakers as they look a lot like the sneakers that came out in the late 1980s and 90s.

As far as I am aware, these shoes came with some outfits in the Cornsilk 300s series, some transitional outfits, and they came separately packaged.

I know Boots came with Cornsilk outfits #321-324, #326, #328, #332, and #333, but the transitional outfits are more difficult. Transitional outfits came on both Poseable Kids and regular transitional kids. It’s possible that these outfits did not come with a consistent shoe type. At the moment, I know that the outfits below came with Boots, but they may not have come exclusively with Boots. Other options include Ballet Flats, Striped Sneakers, and coloured Mary Janes.  

Like most Coleco shoes, Boots have a factory mark. It can be found on the top opening edge. Likely, the boots that came with Cornsilk outfits were only manufactured by the P, KT, and OK factories. Later transitional Boots are likely marked with CHINA or have no mark at all.

So far, I have nine colours recorded. Do you have any others?

A collection of pictures showing the different colours of boots available.
Large photo courtesy of Callie Anne.

Special thanks to Callie Anne for providing pictures and incentives.

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