Shoes: Regular ‘lace ups’ Pt 2

Which outfits came with regular ‘high top’ shoes, shoes without factories, and more. Part 2

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Regular ‘lace-up’ shoes appear to come in a variety of sizes as well. Some are longer and narrower, while others are shorter and wider. Some are just smaller, period.

1986ish – 1989

CHINA Text Shoes (1987-1988ish)

Eventually, they changed or made new shoe moulds. They now said CHINA instead of HONG KONG (only a few years late), but they no longer used factory indicators. I believe these shoes came next because I have coloured shoes which straddle this situation, some with factory indicators, some with CHINA.

No Text Shoes (1985ish – 1999) (Dates unsure)

I believe the last shoes produced had nothing in the heel except possibly a mould number. They are essentially blank. Either this was the final change before Hasbro took over, or these shoes may have all been produced by Hasbro during the transitional period; it is hard to know.

I’ve been provided evidence of these ‘number only shoes’ on a 1985 MIB SS preemie. This would seem to indicate that at least this factory started using them earlier than I thought. (Messanger, Jana Smith, May 2022) If you have more evidence, I would like to see it.

Coloured Shoes

Coloured versions of lace-ups started appearing in 1988 on Toddlers and Transitional kids. It could be that they were all produced by Hasbro, not Coleco, as they continued to be sold on Hasbro Preschoolers after 1989. For foreign Tsukuda factory also produced coloured lace-ups

I have recorded Coleco-coloured lace-up shoes in the following colours:

  • Pink
  • Vibrant Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Baby blue (maybe mint green?)

25th Anniversary Lace-ups (separate post)

Jesmar Shoes

What outfits did they come with?

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