Recent Informative Updates

Six informative updates that I’ve made to various posts.. See what we’ve learned!

A massive update has been made to the Cornsilk Series 4 post. Like the previous series, I’ve added information on each individual outfit and updated the general information as well. We know a LOT more than we used to! But there’s still more to learn. To learn more, visit Cornsilk Series 4: Wacky and Layered Pt. 2

A recent discovery has significantly changed our understanding of the 400s series. For more information, visit What’s With the Numbers?

More information about 31 tracksuits with the number 84 on them has been discovered. To find out what, visit #8 31 Tracksuit.

Hasbro’s Saddle shoes are different . . who knew? To find out more visit Shoes: Chunky Sneakers and Saddle Shoes

More information about the lamb patch has been discovered. To find out more, visit PTP: Plentiful Patches Pt. 1

We now know more about clothing produced by the SS factory. For more information, visit The Perfect Mismatch (Matching Pt. 2).

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