PTP: The Twin Outfit That Isn’t (It’s BBB)

This looks like a twin outfit, but it isn’t!

A while ago, I noticed a BBB outfit that looked a lot like the knit twin outfit. Recently, I obtained tag information from Angel K. Freely and was gobsmacked!

Her BBB outfit had twin outfit tags!

Pictures comparing twin outfit tags with the BBB mimic twin outfit tags.
Orange tags courtesy of Angel K. Freely.

Now, I knew the outfits looked similar, but I never thought they would be this similar! BBB outfits were ONLY produced by the SS and WS factories. I have no record of any BBB outfit being produced anywhere else, until this one. (Update: Made in Thailand)

The similarities are not difficult to see. Take a moment and compare.

What is difficult to see is the feet of the BBB outfits. The footies in a regular BBB outfit have an additional piece of circular fabric, like a sole. The twin BBB outfits just have a seam . . . It looks like they’ve just sewn the bottom of the pant legs together!

Pictures comparing the end of the feet on regular BBB outfits and the mimic twin BBB outfits.

Jodi, from Jodi’s Punky Patch, helped me gather information and photographs for this post and observed that we only have evidence of this outfit coming on boxed kids. This means that they either sent the completed outfits from the P factory to the SS/WS factories to be put on kids or sent the kids and boxes to the P factory. Either way, this is the first evidence we have of cross-factory cooperation like this. It’s also the first exception to my statement that BBB’s always came in WS or SS clothes! Jump to: A match made in . . . the factory. Update: Second Exception

Boxed BBB wearing the orange mimic twin BBB outfit.
Courtesy unknown

The knit twin outfits were available in five different colours, and so is this outfit. I theorize that the factory had a lot of the knit material left over and needed to do something with it. At the time, no other clothing lines being produced would have welcomed an outfit made of knit fabric, except the BBB’s. I think that’s why they made a BBB outfit, instead of something that they could more easily put on P factory kids.

I still need tag pictures for the mint green (A), yellow (B), and medium blue (F). If you happen to have this outfit in any of those colours, I would greatly appreciate your help with tag photos. For details on taking the photos, visit HERE.

For more detailed information on Twin outfits see, Twin Outfits, Part 1.

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