PTP: Silk Label Secrets

Those little silk labels are holding a secret . . .

The little silk label on most CPK outfits embody a secret. Special thanks to Jodi Punki Patch and her amazing observational skills for catching this and making me look into it more.

Sometimes you can use the silk label to figure out which factory an outfit was made by, to a point. At present, I have found that there are four different labels.

For a list of all the factories that produced CPK material, visit Factories and Companies.

1) Chinese factories use the regular label we are all familiar with.
Factories: OK, P, CC, FW, KT, LF, PMI, SS, WS

2) Taiwanese factory silk labels are larger and whiter in colour.
Factories: AX, CY, EX, FD, IC, UT, WW, HRS

3) Korean factory (IJ, SY) silk labels look like regular Chinese labels, except that they are slightly darker in colour.

4) Outfits from the USA factory have a larger, whiter ‘silk label’ that is made of a canvas-like material.

USA factory silk Cabbage Patch Kid label on a heather grey fabric beside an OK factory silk Cabbage Patch Kid label on a thin yellow fabric.
USA factory Vs. China (OK)

5) Jesmar outfits tend to have a slightly smaller silk label printed in a slightly darker green. Sometimes they are sewn on quite badly. For more information on Jesmar outfits visit: Jesmars and J Clothing

Jesmar silk Cabbage Patch Kid label on an orange fabric beside an OK factory silk Cabbage Patch Kid label on a grey fabric.

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