PTP: Plentiful Patches: Particulars (Pt. 2)

Part 2: Information specific to each embroidered patch (applique) used on CPK outfits.

Please read all of this as if someone was saying “At this point . . . .”, as further information may change these results over time.

For information on any of the outfits mentioned here, jump to the 1983 Series Summary

Teddy Bear Patch

Correct Outfit(s):  Sleeper (#2) & Cord Outfit (#5).
Most frequently ‘incorrectly’ found on: Elephant rompers (#7), Kitty Track Suits (#6)
It has also been found on: Ducky Dress (#11), Bib Dress (#15) (only once), Preemie Outfit #13

Picture of a teddy bear embroidered patch on a teal corduroy background. The bear is brown with dark brown outlines, pink heart on the chest and pink mouth and nose.

The Sleeper patches have a yellow and gold colour scheme, whereas the patches on the Corduroy Suit have a brown and dark beige colour scheme.

Both versions of the patch were used as ‘incorrect patches on other outfits, but I have a higher percentage of the lighter ones recorded as used in this way.

The Taiwanese factory patches also come in both light and dark, but their patches are generally much darker in colour.

Cat Patch

Correct Outfit:  Kitty Track Suits (#6),
Most frequently ‘incorrectly’ found on:  Ducky Dress (#11)
It has also been found on: no other outfits
It has NOT been found on: Sleeper (#2), Cord Suit (#5), Elephant Romper, (#7), Bib Dress (#15)

Picture of a cat shaped embroidered patch on a grey background. The cat is white with beige outlines, green eyes and a pink mouth and nose.

There appear to be two versions of this patch. One has a light-coloured outline and the other a dark outline. There does not seem to be any pattern as to when a factory uses the light or the dark version.

Once again, the only exception is the USA patch. Although there is a USA patches look like the others (although the face is badly rendered), another version has a green mouth, black eyes and pink whiskers and yet another version has pink eyes, green whiskers, and a black mouth.

Elephant Patch

Correct Outfit:  Elephant Romper (#7)
Most frequently ‘incorrectly’ found on:  none stand out at this time
It has also been found on: Kitty Track Suits (#6), Sleeper (#2), Cord outfit (#5)
It has NOT been found on: Ducky Dress (#11), Bib Dress (#15)

Picture of a elephant shaped embroidered patch on a red corduroy background. The elephant is light grey with a darker grey outline.The toes and ears are pink.

UPDATE: An elephant has been found on a bib, but no details are available on if it’s original or had been added later.

Each factory seems to have produced both a light outline and a dark outline version.

There are two types of trunks, one S-shaped and one C-shaped.

The C-shaped trunk has only been found on TSU and OK outfits with the ‘incorrect’ patch (as in, not Elephant Rompers). These OK patches are also lighter than most of the other OK patches. Interestingly, they are also found on aftermarket outfits. Jump to Plentiful Patches Part 1 for more information.

Duck Patch

Correct Outfit:  Ducky Dress (#11)  

Most frequently ‘incorrectly’ found on:  Elephant Romper (#7) & Cord outfit (#5)

It has also been found on: Sleeper (#2), Bib Dress (#15), Kitty Track Suit (#6)

Picture of a duck shaped embroidered patch on a white knit background. The duck is white with a yellow outlined for the body and head, and orange outline for the bill and feet.

There appears to be little variation in the appearance of the duck patches. The only differences I can see are in the colour of the thread used to make the feet and bill. Some thread is slightly darker than others.

Giraffe Patch

Correct Outfit:  Bib Dress (#15)

Most frequently ‘incorrectly’ found on:  none stand out at this time
It has also been found on: Kitty Track Suits (#6), Cord outfit (#5), Ducky Dress (#11), Elephant Romper (#7)
It has NOT been found on: Sleeper (#2)

Picture of a giraffe shaped embroidered patch on a white background. The giraffe is white with orange outlines. The mane, antlers and tail are yellow and it has beige dots on the body.

This patch does not seem to have been used ‘incorrectly’ very often but has been found on almost all the ‘patch’ outfits.

There do not appear to be many factory variations in the appearance of this patch. However, this is very difficult to determine, as bibs are very easy to switch from outfit to outfit. P factory giraffes may have slightly darker dots than the OK factory giraffes.  

The only exceptions I’ve found are the USA patch and the TP patch.
The USA patches look significantly different with gold edging, a silver tail, and red body dots versus the OK giraffes with orange edging, a yellow tail, and beige dots.
The TP patches have very dark orange outlines and very dark spots. The tail is a dark golden yellow and sticks up.

Bunny Patch

Picture of a bunny shaped embroidered patch on a grey corduroy background. The bunny's look has an oriental influence. It is white and wearing a red outfit and has red in it's ears.

As noted in Part 1, this patch is very rare. I have only recorded it on Kitty Track Suits (#5), Elephant Rompers (#7), and Ducky Dresses (#11) so far. I have seen it in yellow, red, and blue.

Other Bunny Patch (not CPK)

This patch is often confused as an official CPK patch. At this time our evidence shows that it came on aftermarket, Sunshine Kids, outfits. Like all the patches at the time, they were likely sold individually as well.

Sheep Applique

As noted in Part 1, this patch is very rare. I have only recorded it on bib dresses. I have seen it in white, yellow, and red. I have three instances of this patch on early Coleco outfits, and one (in red) on a Tsukuda outfit. At this time I have only found it being used by the OK factory.

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  1. I have a Jesmar tagged white shirt and a bright orange romper with buttons but it doesn’t button and unbutton. It has a kitty tag instead of an elephant.

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