PTP: Have you seen a Donkey Patch before? (Update Jan 9)

Have you ever seen a donkey patch on a cabbage patch outfit before? I know I hadn’t until now!

This young man is wearing a mystery. He’s a Jesmar, wearing a Jesmar outfit. However, the donkey patch adorning his romper is a bit odd. Has anyone else seen one like it? Anywhere?

Wheat haired blue eyed boy with freckles wearing a brown romper and white shirt. The romper has a donkey patch on it.

Picture courtesy of David Compeau.

There are a few unusual patches that can be found on Coleco outfits (bunny, sheep) but they’ve been seen on more than a few. ( PTP: Plentiful Patches Pt. 1 ) This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of a donkey!

Close up of the donkey patch. It is brown with a yellow belly.

Now, it’s not difficult to add a patch, and many of the Jesmar rompers came without one, so this could be just an after-purchase addition. Or, maybe a Spanish seamstress decided to have some fun and add something different.

What do you think? Do you have a theory?

UPDATE: Jan 9, 2022

Special thanks to Erin Cavil for sending me this photo. It appears that this is a ‘vintage’ patch, so the time frame is correct, but it was also publicly available for use. Who do you think added it?

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