PTP: H101 Factory – A Short Transitional Period Blip

What is this odd factory code about? What does it herald?

For an explanation of how the word transitional is used by Cabbage Patch collectors, visit The many definitions of Transitional

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A small number of outfits and dolls have the factory code H101. I have only seen a 1989 preemie and a Babyland Kid with this factory code, and all of the clothing tags with this code have been found on BBB outfits with outfit numbers 0-101 to 0-106.

These tags are from the first factory that produced Hasbro Cabbage Patch items, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The tag from outfit 106A that shows it was made for Hasbro Inc in Pawtucket, RI.
Photo courtesy of Shilo Smith.

H101 Tags

H101 tags look like Coleco tags and have Coleco-like outfit codes, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the item was made for Hasbro Inc. It is likely they wanted to create a factory code for the new Hasbro factory and chose H101. H is likely for Hasbro, and maybe the 101 represents the number they were starting at.

However, it appears that this tagging system did not last long, probably only for a short period in 1989. There are very few examples of these outfits, and by 1990 they had moved on to more obvious Hasbro tags, and the factory code vanished.  

0 – additional tags

The next step seems to be clothing tags with the code addition number 0-, as discussed in the Code Addition post.  All of these outfits are 400s numbered outfits.

These outfits may have been the last new outfits created or co-created with Coleco during the transitional period.

For more detailed and up-to-date information about the H101 Trsntiional time period, visit HERE

For a complete list of companies that produced CPK’s and Coleco factories click HERE.

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  1. I’ve just obtained a doll with the factory code H101. The exact doll you have pictures of the preemie bald boy in blue. Do you have a value of this doll?

    1. I’m afraid my area of expertise isn’t really in the valuation arena. However, you can ask at the Facebook Group: CPK Current Market Values and they should be able to help. Good luck!

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