PTP: Fun Factory Flukes

What the heck?! Can you figure out what is wrong with each outfit before reading the description?

Odd, weird, unique. These are all words used to describe things that happen outside the ‘normal’. Many such factory flukes can be found among Cabbage Patch Clothes. Here are some examples I have come across. Do you have any in your collection?

This Pinafore Dress has two silk labels! One on either shoulder. Oops.

Kitty cat track suit with the patch in the middle under the neck band instead of to the side. The trim is yellow.

This could be a bad ‘repair’ after the patch fell off, but the current owner feels it is in the original location. This is more typical of Jesmar jogging suits!

Aqua ducky dress with pink stripes. The outfit is missing the duck patch and has a silk label in  place instead.

This Ducky Dress, owned by Jamie Osterbur, is missing the duck patch and has the silk label in an odd spot. This may be because it’s a Hong Kong version of the dress, but it’s still odd!

Packaged yoke dress. It's blue with white polka dots. The ribbon ismissing.

This Yoke Dress appears to be missing the bow and the ribbon that normally runs around the edge of the neck area.
Photo courtesy of Alicia Rose.

Picture of a bald blue eyes baby in a white sailor suit with blue trim. The pocket is on the left breast instead of the right one.

The pocket on this Sailor Suit is on the wrong side!

Blue preemie elephant romper with the silk label beneath the elephant patch.

The silk label on this CC Preemie Elephant Romper is in an odd location. Normally it is on the sleeve.

Picture of a grey cat track suit with pink trim that has the silk label on the pant leg upside down. Beside that is a white and yellow striped shirt with two labels.

This one is a double whammy from Kathy Lucy Uher. The silk tag on the jogging suit is upside down, and the shirt from the windbreaker outfit has two tags instead of one!

Brown haired brown eyed single ponytail girl wearing a blue flowered bib dress with a white bib. The bib has an elephant patch on it instead of a giraffe. The bib is circled in yellow.

Many CPK outfits have animal patches on them. A Bib Dress normally has a giraffe patch on the bib. This outfit has the wrong patch. Although this happens quite a bit, it is still a ‘mistake’ made at the factory. For more information on these patches, and where the outfits they can be found on, visit PTP: Plentiful Patches Pt. 1.

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