PTP: Fabric Play Accessories

Did you know that there are different versions of the play accessories that you know and love? I didn’t!

Today I noticed that the fabric CPK accessories are also factory marked, and that there are variations by factory.

There are five accessories that were produced, starting in 1984:

Factory Variation

By examining the pieces in my collection, I have determined that these items were made by at least three different factories. The first two, IJ and SS, are well known. The third has no factory indicated on the tag; however, they must have been created for the Canadian market as the tags say Cabbage Patch Kids in French, P’tits Bouts de Choux [PBDC].

I can see visible differences in the colours and quality of the pattern on the fabric used to make 4 of the 5 items. I only have one Kid Carrier so cannot make any comparisons.

The IJ factory used a darker mint fabric for the edging and straps. The pattern is crisp, dark, and rich.   
The PBDC manufacturer used a lighter mint green fabric for the edging and straps. The pattern is in a lighter colour, more washed out, but still fairly crisp.   
The SS factory also used the lighter mint edging, but the pattern is quite rough. The figures are not crisp, and the printing is badly done.   

I do not have an example of an SS carrier, but the buckles used on the IJ and PBDC carriers are very different. The IJ buckles are plastic and square. The PBDC are metal and rounded.

More Information Needed

I was unable to look at any of the Soft Travel Beds as I do not have one (or more) in my collection. Here are the items I have been able to examine, based on factory. If you have one that I am missing, I’d love to get pictures and your opinion!

Picture of a spreadsheet showing which fabric accessories I have recorded and which I do not.

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