PTP: Come on an adventure!

Take a close look at the cover of this book. Does anything stand out? Come on an adventure as we take a closer too!

In 1984, Parker Brothers published a book called A Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure, photography by Paul Debe and Mark Gooby. This book stands out from other CPK books as the illustrations are staged photographs taken of real Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.

Cover of the book A Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure.

There are seven characters in the story, and some of them are wearing regular Coleco brand CPK clothing. Others are in random dolls clothes, nothing highly distinctive. However, a few do stand out.

Picture of a bald CPK wearing maroon pants with rainbow straps and a yellow shirt. He's climbing a rock.
p. 5

Farley Page is wearing overalls that look like they were made using a Koosa outfit pattern and straps! Although not identical, they’re very close.

Pair of Koosa shorts. They are yellow with rainbow straps and a giraffe patch.

Tommy George is wearing a regular white CPK shirt from the Elephant Romper outfit and has matched it with a pair of jean overalls. The overalls are not CPK, even though the Casual Wear Line Engineers Overalls and the Denim Romper did exist. In addition, those overalls are way too long for him. Check out how much they’ve been rolled up!

Picture of a wheat fuzzy CPK boy wearing a straw hat, white shirt, and jean overalls. He's holding a walking stick and hiking through the woods.
p. 22

Cheryl Sue is the most interesting. Unbelievably, she’s wearing a common aftermarket outfit! This outfit was produced by Totsy as part of their Garden Doll Fashions line. You would think an item approved by OAA would ensure they used their own merchandise!

Fun Fact: Totsy also produced clone versions of Barbie and Jem dolls which were popular at the time. (Ref1, Ref2)

Finally, as a small extra, it’s obvious that the kids had been played with, as Willie James is in dire need of a hair defuzz! Poor kid!

Fun Fact: Mr. Dube and Mr. Gooby were co-owners of Hotshots Advertising Photography in Salem, Mass., in 1984. Parker Brothers must have hired them to do the photography for the book. I wonder if they were provided with the dolls or if they had to find their own? The business operated from 1982 – 2017. (Ref)

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