PTP: Bubble Romper Sweaters

How to determine which knit sweaters may go with which bubble romper. It’s all in the details!

Like all of the clothing made for Cabbage Patch Kids, the sweaters used in the #9 Bubble Romper Outfit are susceptible to differences based on factory. Meaning, the look of the sweaters changes based on the factory that produced them.

These sweaters are not tagged. (For information on what part of a CPK outfit do come tagged, visit Where are tags in clothing located?) Consequently, it is difficult to confidently match sweaters to rompers.

To determine which factory made a sweater, take note of the following.

  • The tension and pattern of the knit.
  • The patterns that are used for the edges and hems.
  • The pattern and look of the decoration around the neck. (If there are any.)
  • The colour(s) used around the neck.

NOTE: The factory of manufacture for each sweater is noted in the caption of the picture.

If you have a sweater that is not pictured here, or you have a better picture than one used here, I would love to see it.

Yellow Sweaters

I believe that yellow sweaters were only manufactured by the OK factory and for the 25th Anniversary Kids (Play Along).

Knit Booties

The correct knit booties will match the sweater. They will have the same tension and knit pattern. For more information visit Shoes: Knit Booties.

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