PTP: Bountiful Blue (windbreakers)

Do you have a kid wearing a blue windbreaker outfit? Wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was YES! There are so many of them . . . so how do yo know that you’ve got yours paired correctly? Find out!

The #10 Windbreaker Outfit, from the original 1983 series, has been one of the hardest to get concrete information on for various reasons:

  1. The outfit is easily mixed up. If it is not MIB or the owner can confirm they took the kid out of the box and never redressed the kid, I can’t be positive that it all came together.
  2. The shirt (the tagged piece of the outfit) is often the same colours across different outfits! For example, numerous shirts are ‘blue and white striped’, but they are actually from different outfits.
  3. Factory variation means that I think there are more outfits with a certain colour of jacket than there really are.

4. Numerous outfits have similarly coloured jackets! Actually, that isn’t the case. I only have one colour recorded, other than blue, that is used for more than one outfit, pink (baby pink and deep rose). However, blue is enough of a problem!

Blue windbreakers are a pain

It has taken a while, but I have identified three different outfits that have blue windbreakers AND most also have blue and white striped shirts. The ONLY differences are in the shade of blue!

Without having the jackets beside each other, the colour differences are hard to see. At least the ‘blue and white striped shirts are tagged so that if you know the outfit code, you can find the right jacket!

However, that might not hold completely true. I only have one example of each outfit, and for G and H, I have only IJ (Korean factory) versions that came packaged. I do not have Primary Factory versions recorded, so there could be additional variations in jacket colour by factory.

The striped shirts don’t help

The blue and white striped shirts do not help matters much! Not only do two of the three outfits have a blue and white shirt, so do at least THREE other outfits!

10A has a blue and white striped shirt with a RED jacket.

10T (PMI) has a blue and white striped shirt, but I do not know the colour of the jacket (could be another blue one).

#100 – This mimic outfit has a blue and white stripe shirt and red jacket; however, there are visible differences.

To determine if you have an outfit that I need to record, please visit the #10 Windbreaker Outfit post to see my most up-to-date record. Now, what are you waiting for . . . go check out all those windbreaker outfits you have to make sure they match properly!

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