Preemie Outfits – An Overview

An overview of the various Preemie outfit series and links to more information.

Preemies are 14″ cabbage patch dolls that came out from 1984 to 1989. Hasbro then continued to produce them for a few years. They originally used a limited number of head moulds, hair types, hair colours, and eye colours. (Ref3, p.178)

  1. The first series of Preemie clothes came out in 1984.
  2. The second came out in 1985.
  3. The third came out in 1987 and was a series that mimicked many of the outfits that came before.
  4. Finally, in 1989 a few random preemie outfits were produced.

Preemie Series Post Links

1984  First Series of Preemie Clothes
1985  B Series
1987  Preemie Mimic Series (707 – 716) (Future Post)
1989 Random outfits in the 100s (Future Post)

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