Preemie Outfit # 9 -Romper with Bubble Bottom

The preemie version of the bubble romper with an adorable bonnet.

Main graphic with a baby blue background, black text that says "#9, Romper with bubble bottom" and a picture of a doll wearing a yellow version of the outfit and shoes.

1984 Preemie Clothing Series Summary


This outfit has two pieces.

  1. Romper. It has one pattern/colour at the top and a solid colour on the bottom. The bottoms and short sleeves are ‘bubbled’. There are lace caps at the shoulders. There is a waist ribbon that is attached at the back on both sides and then ties at the front.
  2. Bonnet. It has a very large lace ruffle that matches the sleeve caps. The colour matches the colour of the bottom half of the romper.

Footwear: Regular shoes and socks

Picture of preemie outfit 9B P. It has a pink top with pink rose buds and pink bottoms and bonnet.

This outfit was most likely sold only from 1984 – 1985. Some packaged versions may have sold later than that.

Version Information

My goal is to find every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of each version of this outfit that I have, up to the date indicated. To understand clothing codes, factories and variations, please refer to the suggested readings below.

Suggested readings: 1st Blog – Why do this project?, What are Clothing Tag Codes

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here or does not match my information, (e.g. you have a 9B P that is green and white gingham, not pink with pink buds) I would appreciate hearing from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details on the pictures required, jump to Taking Clothing Tag Pics.


> So far, there are no observable differences between outfits produced at various factories.

> B-Series outfit: #B504 – Blouse with sleeve caps and bubble romper overalls and matching bonnet. Although it is a two-piece outfit, it looks like outfit 9 when on the dolls.  

Picture of outfit B504H. It has a purple blouse, a pink CPK logo on the chest and white bottom with multi coloured hearts. The bonnet matches the bottoms.
Photo courtesy of Jodi’s Punki Patch.

> Mimic Outfit: #Unknown – This outfit looks almost identical to Preemie outfit #9, except it has a white bow at the neck, no bonnet, and came with knit booties. I believe that it is a 700s mimic preemie outfit (709 or 713), but I need clothing tag pictures to confirm this.

Preemie with lemon yellow looped tuft in a green box liner with pink Birth certificate. The top of the outfit is white, the bottom is pink and white gingham. It has white knit booties.
Photo source unknown.

> 25th Anniversary Preemie outfit: This outfit appears almost identical to Preemie outfit #9. For more information visit: 25th Anniversary Outfits

A brown eyed preemie doll inside a 25h anniversary preemie box. The outfit is similiar to 9B
Photo source unknown.

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