Precious CPK Pajamas

Precious and cozy, these pajamas’s are so cute. If you’ve got the slippers you’re lucky!

This series consists of five outfits, four for girls and one for boys. They are all a type of pyjamas. The girl’s outfits are all made of flannel and come with fuzzy pink slippers. Like with some other series, the boy’s outfit is unique.

Although their code numbers start with a 6, generally indicating that they came out in 1986, most of those I’ve seen mint-in-box are in 1987 boxes. I hypothesize that they were sold in 1987 or even late 1986 into 1987. Most sources list them as being sold in 1987. (Ref# 3, p. 160) These outfits are not common, so I don’t believe they were produced for very long. They are very hard to find with slippers now.

Red haired, blue eyed girl with a retainer two piece PJ outfit with sheep on it and fuzzy pink slippers. She's sitting in a yellow and aqua 1987-1989 box.

They were all made by the KT factory. There’s only one version of each outfit, and they were not made by any other factory. I believe I have this series entirely recorded, although I could use a better picture of outfit #693 with the slippers.

Picture of a tag for outfit 694, KT factory.

Girl’s PJ’s

689 – Bon-Bon Two-Piece PJs

This outfit has a dress-like top with matching pants. The fabric pattern is pastel-coloured bonbons and it has a V-neck with two purple buttons and a purple bow.

Outfit #689. Two piece PJ set with bonbons on it and fuzzy pink slippers.
Photo courtesy of Kat Pershouse.


691 – Two Piece Sheep PJs

This outfit has a dress-like top and matching pants. The fabric pattern is pastel-coloured pink and blue sheep with flowers. The yoke has three bows; pink, teal, and purple.

Two piece PJ set with sheep and flowers on them. There are fuzzy pink flowers.
Photo courtesy of Kat Perhouse.

692 – Ruffled gown

This gown is white with a pink flower pattern and three buttons at the neck. The neck area has a lot of ruffles, and there is a ruffle running around the hem, a few inches from the bottom.

CPK PJ gown, #692 with pink and green flower pattern and fuzzy pink slippers.
Photo courtesy of Kat Pershouse.

693 – Striped gown

This gown has a large white bib front with three buttons. The remainder of the gown is a thick stripe pattern in pastel shades of teal, pink, and white. There is a ruffle around the bib, and the bottom hem is white with pink hearts.

Flannel CPK gown, #693. It has thick pink, aqua and white stripes.

Boy’s PJ Outfit

694 – Nightshirt and cap

This outfit is unique within the CPK clothing world. Unlike outfits #689 – #693, this one is made of cotton, uses darker colours, and includes a nightcap and booties with suede soles. The nightcap and booties can be difficult to find.

Mimic Outfit

This outfit mimics the look of the Pajama Series and is often thought to be a part of it. Outfit #142A looks very similar but came out in 1989 as a packaged outfit. The dark colours and yellow slippers are the immediately visible differences.

Cotton two piece PJ outfit with teddy bears and in red, yellow, and blue. It comes with yellow fuzzy slippers.
Photo courtesy of Kat Pershouse.

Special thanks to Kat Pershouse for her amazing pictures.

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