Part 2: The Code Addition

What did they add to the code and why?

As noted in Part 1: Tag Codes Continued: A 2nd Theory, I originally thought the first number of the code indicated the year the outfit came out.

E.g. 501 came out in 1985, 630 came out in 1986, 720 came out in 1987

This is true for some outfits, but not for all.

A lot of tags had #- in front of the code and I did not know what it meant, until now.

I believe that starting in 1986 and continuing until 1990, those tags with a #-, indicate the actual year the outfit came out. You can’t use the first digit of the code for these outfits.

This theory answers a few questions.

  1. It confirms that the first BBB series came out in 1986.
    These outfits were among the first to be coded differently.
  2. Why would they put out a second series of BBB outfits in 1986?
    They didn’t, the 670s – 680s series BBB outfits came out in 1987.
  3. Why are there no 1989 outfits with 900 numbers?
    Because they put them all in the 100s! The 1989 Designer Line Kids, Sippin’ Kids, and all the transitional and package outfits that came out in 1989 are numbered 9- 1_ _. I have no idea why they chose to do this.
  4. What do the tags with 0- mean?
    Following the pattern, these are outfits that came out or were slated by Coleco to be produced, in 1990. There are very few outfits with these codes, and all of them are Transitional Hasbro clothing tags. They may have been the last outfits designed by Coleco, or the first designed by Hasbro. Who knows.

Having said all that, not all the factories used this coding innovation equally.

Photos in 1 – 3 courtesy of Jodi’s Punk Patch.

Update: For more information about 0 – tags, and where they fit into the transitional period, see The Transitional Period – A Summary.

Why should you care . . . .

If you have an outfit that has an 8- before the code, you know that it belongs to a kid from 1988 or 1989, nothing earlier. If you have a BBB outfit that has 6- before the number, it has to go on a 1986 BBB kid.  If you have an outfit with a 9- or a 0- , barring some exceptions, it could have come on a Coleco kid or a Hasbro kid as it is a Transitional Outfit.

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