Head Mold Ref. – Coleco & PA

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Coleco Head Molds

Used for both regular kids and preemies.

* Growing Hair Kids only
** Talking Kids only
*** Designer Line Kids only

Missing: HM 45 – only used on DL kids for 2 years

For more details on Coleco head molds, including which dolls they were used on, the years they came out, and which ones are freckled, refer to these pages in Reference #3 (downloadable):
HM 1 – 9 : p. 53-62
HM 10 – 16 : p. 112-122
HM 17 – 21 and talkers: p. 146-149
HM 30: p. 164.

Play Along Kids

I do not know how many there are. These are pictures of the ones I have owned. It is an incomplete record.

Regular Kids

Other Play Along Head Molds – letters not understood

Some of these head molds were also used or Jakks Pacific kids.

25th Anniversary Kids

These head molds are based on the original Coleco molds. I think I am only missing a #1. For information on their outfits visit, 25th Anniversary CPK Outfits .

Play Along Newborns

For information on Mattel and Hasbro head molds refer to Reference #1, p. 161 -175