One Resolution Complete!

I’ve already completed one resolution, can you figure out which one?

I don’t think I’ve ever completed a New Year’s Resolution so quickly before!

Thanks to the fantastic Win Liew, the grey-eyed kid whisperer, I’ve already completed one of my New Year’s resolutions, to find a grey-eyed kid.

She was helping me by searching for possible grey-eyed KT kids for sale. She’s amazing! She found so many possibilities, all over the world. Clothes are my specialty, so I was sending my top picks to a friend, who’s a KT expert (it’s her favourite factory).

This reminded my friend about her 1st grey-eyed kid that she had found, as I’d helped her find it! But she had two now, and she preferred the second over the first. So, she and Kismet had a discussion and decided that Kismet would make the perfect Christmas present for me (3rd actually, but who’s counting). They were right! In an ironic twist of fate, my friend hadn’t had time to read the New Year’s Post I’d put up, and had no idea about my resolution! It was only me messaging her, because Win messaged me, that she thought of it. Kismet for sure.

As a bonus, she also came in a purple outfit (the tights are purple on this heart dress outfit), so she helped complete another resolution as well! Thank you so much, Michelle, I love her!

In honour of her two fairy godmothers, she’s named Kismet Winnie.

Kismet would like to note that she loves her new hair ties.
Mama Michelle had forgotten to put them in. For shame Mama Michelle.

For more information on KT grey-eyed kids refer to Reference #3, pg 64, 33.

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