Made in Thailand

These outfits were made in Thailand . . .what the heck? (Extensive revisions made Nov 2021)

Picture of a Beany Butt Baby pink knit outfit with diamond knitting patterns at teh sleeves and across the chest. The outfit is a dress and footed pants.
Courtesy of Sarah Ransom

So far I have found less then 10 BBB outfits that were made by the AF factory and were Made in Thailand. These outfits are all 1986 BBB outfits. The outfits in the 190s have an AF factory label, the 200s outfits do not AF on the label. I’m not sure why. For my speculations, visit 1st BBB Outfits – Pt. 2 – 200s. For a list of known manufacturing locations, visit Factories and Companies.

Based on the look of the tag and the 6- in the code, I believe that these outfits were manufactured in 1986 with the rest of the outfits, or very soon thereafter.

I had confirmed that one outfit came on a WS kid. Did they come on SS kids too?

  • Why did they hire another factory to produce these outfits?
  • Why pick a factory in Thailand?
  • How long did it manufacture CPK BBB clothes?
  • Did it produce more than just those I’ve already discovered?
  • Did manufacture anything else?

So many questions! To see which AF outfits have been discovered, visit 1st BBB Outfits – Pt. 1 – 190s and 1st BBB Outfits – Pt. 2 – 200s.

Have you seen any other outfits Made in Thailand?

Special thanks to Sarah Ransom and Zoe Milburn for assisting with pictures and information about these outfits

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