Intro to Cornsilk Clothing (all 4)

I apologize for the double post. This post was created as part of my editing process.

FYI: This series of posts refers only to those kids sold as Cornsilk Kids. This post does not refer to Growing Hair Kids, Sipping Kids, Talkers, Designer Line Kids, Splashing Kids, or later kids manufactured by other companies. Only girl Cornsilk Kids were produced.

There are four known series of outfits that were used exclusively on Cornsilk Kids (to a point). They came out in 1986 and 1987. Each series has easily identifiable characteristics; however, they can also be VERY confusing.

This is the first of five posts in which I will attempt to demystify these beautiful, wacky, and confusing outfits.

Series 1: Beautiful Dresses. Launched early 1986.

Series 2: Wacky and Layered Outfits – A set of wacky coloured/patterned mod-styled outfits. Many have a lot of pieces and layers. Launched mid-1986. (Ref #2, p. 79)

Series 3: Beautiful Dresses Part 2, Dresses made of sateen, velveteen, and other fancy fabrics. Launched late 1986/early 1987. (Ref #2, p. 79) This series acted as a template for the ‘regular kid’ versions, jump to: Ho·mo·phone: Series.

Series 4: Wacky and Layered Part 2 – A slightly toned-down version of Series 2. Launched mid to late 1987. These are harder to find.

Pretty Patterns – Lacy White Tights

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