Identifying the factory of Jeans for the Windbreaker Outfit (#10)

You’ve got 4 pairs of CPK jeans that you just washed. They’re all slightly different. Which ones goes with this outfit?? Maybe this will help.

Outfit #10 – Windbreaker Outfit
Identifying Outfit #10 Windbreakers by factory
Identifying Windbreaker Outfit (#10) shirts

These pants are the bane of my A-type personality. It’s VERY difficult to differentiate one pair of jeans from the other. Jeans are never tagged. Some of the factory differences are VERY subtle. It’s also hard to find correct information as you have to get it from a MIB kid to know the jeans are correct. Jeans can be switched out so easily and it’s done frequently.

As a consequence, this section is rather sparse. Here’s what I know.

OK Factory Jeans Characteristics

  • Tend to be shorter than other pants but not always
  • Enclosed waist elastic
  • Somewhat sloppy sewing

P Factory Jeans Characteristics

  • Tend to be longer than OK pants
  • Exposed elastic
  • Neatly sewed, straight lines

PMI Factory Jeans Characteristics

  • Very similar to P factory jeans

Foreign Jeans

Jesmar Jeans Characteristics

  • Material is thinner cotton, not really jean material
  • No pockets, CPK label, or sewing on the back of the pants
  • Elastic is exposed and thin (not as wide as Coleco elastic)

Lily Ledy Jeans Characteristics

I’ve never actually seen these. I just have pictures.

Alert: When cleaning CPK jeans, soak them separately from all other fabrics as the dye runs extensively.

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