PTP: Hung up on Hangers

Do yo have any CPK hangers? Are they still in the original box with the original outfit? Maybe you can help . . .

Do you have any CPK hangers? Have you ever looked at them closely? I hadn’t, not until Jodi (Punki Patch) told me that she had noticed they are factory coded.

That’s right, they have a factory code on them!

Going through our collections, we found that we have hangers from many of the factories, but not all of them.

PIcture of a bib dress in a box, packaged separately. The dress is white with a yellow flower pattern.
Packaged bib dress

The hangers came in packaged outfit boxes. They came in two sizes, and some were coloured.

Some have Made in information, some don’t. Some are numbered, some aren’t. Some factories produced hangers in both sizes, most didn’t.

Here is what we have recorded.

Picture of spreadsheet data showing which hangers we have recorded based on their shape and colour.
For more information on the various factories, jump to: Factory Synopsis

Unfortunately, neither of us have any hangers in the original box with the original outfits hanging on them. However, we have come up with some theories. Can you prove or disprove any of these theories?

  1. The hanger factory matches the factory of the outfit that came on it.
  2. The ‘blank hangers’ that have no ‘Made In’ or factory code are from the OK factory. There appear to be very few of them, and the OK on the one we do have seems as if it was an afterthought.
  3. The ‘blank hangers’ are often numbered (but not always). The coloured hangers are blank. Could these hangers be from the IC factories? There were potentially upwards of 8 of them so numbering to keep track would make sense.
  4. The full-sized hangers appear to only come from factories in China, and most are original factories. Theory: This was the original shape; the half-size came later.
  5. The ‘blank hangers’ are generally numbered (but not always). There were upwards of eight IC factories. It would make sense that IC factories would need to number things to keep track of them. Could the numbered hangers be from the IC factories?

More questions than answers

  1. Did the factories with ‘Made in Hong Kong‘ on them also come in any other form, or did they just continue to use this mould even after moving to China?
  2. Are the boxes marked with a factory in some way?
  3. Which outfits did the coloured hangers come with?
  4. Did USA outfits come in boxes on a hanger?

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