How to Search the Blog

Instructions on how to search this blog for information.

There are a few ways you can search my blog for information.

  1. Search by CATEGORY
  2. Search by KEYWORD
  3. Search the Post Archive Page
  4. Look through the ‘Summaries’ for your outfit.

1) Search by CATEGORY

Along the right side of every page of my blog is a list of categories. If you click on a category, any post that has information in that area will be listed.

NOTE: This option gives you the entire content of the post, not just a list of posts.

Graphic of the Category section of my blog page.

Sample search: If you had this outfit or even just the sweater, you could search by any of the following categories (depending on what you already know): Cornsilk outfit, 300 Codes, OK/P/KT factories

Picture of cornsilk outfit 330D, OK. It is a sweater with blue stirrup pants. The sweater is white and purple with a splatter type pattern.

2) Search by KEYWORD

Below the category section, also on the right side, is the keyword search box. You can use any descriptor of your clothing piece when using this search option.

Sample search: If you had this piece, you could search by any of the following keywords: romper, elephant, Preemie, patch, collar, 13, 13D, CC. There may be others I haven’t thought of as well.

Picture of a 13D, CC preemie elephant romper. It is blue and has an elephant patch.

3) Search the Post Archive

In the Pages section, on the right side of each page, is a page entitled Post Archive. Once there, it’s a matter of scrolling through the titles and blog descriptions to see if they match what you are looking for. You could also do a CTRL+F search with a keyword.

NOTE: Before doing a CTRL+F search make sure to go to the bottom fo the page and make all the posts visible.

Screen clip graphic of the Pages section of my blog.

4) Search the Summaries

Along the right side, in the sidebar, is a list of the outfit series that have already been completed. You can search through the pictures of the outfits to see if you recognize yours.

Nothing Worked?

Although a lot of information is available on this blog, it is not yet a year old, and there is a significant amount of information that is NOT yet up. If you can’t find what you are looking for, it may be that it’s just not up yet. Additionally, some pieces are not useful for searching (e.g. plain pink bloomers).

I encourage you to contact me directly and ask your question. I love to help and share information when I have it. My contact information is available on the Contact Me page in the Pages list, or you can contact me through Hilary’s Facebook Page.

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