Growing Hair Kid Outfits

Their hair is a surprise, and so are their outfits! Find out what outfit your Growing Hair Kid may have worn and the special hair accessories that came with it.

Growing Hair Kids [GHK] came out in 1988. They are dolls whose cornsilk hair can be pulled out to varying lengths. They came in their unique box with a special GHK birth certificate and hand tag. They also came with a brush, a bag of wider hair ribbons, and styling guide instructions.

All these dolls were girls that came in a variety of hair/eye colour combinations. A few came with freckles, and there were AA kids produced. They used several regular head moulds, but HM 22 and HM 23 were only used for Growing Hair Kids.

Refer to my Head Mold Reference Page for pictures of these unique head molds.

For more detailed information on GHK, visit Ref #3, p. 88-89, or Ref #2, p.165

Growing Hair Kids Outfits

There are two very different parts to the GHK series of outfits. Group 1 was made by the P factory, and Group 2 by the KT factory.

The P factory outfits were worn ONLY by Growing Hair Kids. The KT factory outfits are, numerically, part of another series, but some of them were worn by only GHK’s, while others were worn by GHK’s and regular 1988 kids.  Consequently, the KT outfits are dramatically different from the P factory outfits. I’m unsure which came out first, or why regular 1988 outfits were used on Growing Hair Kid dolls.

Each GHK outfit came with one of four hair accessories.

  • 1) (Circular Dec.) Ribbon bow with lacy/satin ribbon circular decoration
  • 2) (Lacy Bow) Ribbon bow with larger lacy bow accent
  • 3) (Puffy Bow) Large puffy fabric bow
  • 4) (Suede Bow) Suede fabric bow

Overview of P Factory Outfits

There are six outfits in this series, #842 – #847. There appear to be five or six versions of each outfit, A – F. They are all similar in style.

Each outfit came with silk undies. I’ve seen them in pink, yellow, white, and purple. Growing Hair Kids came wearing matching coloured Mary Jane shoes and lacy ruffled socks.

Outfit #842- Ruffle neck dress with wide waist ribbon

Outfit 843 -Low-waisted dress with front ruffles

Outfit 844 – Dres with large vertical ruffle

Outfit 845 – Dress with four folds and Peter Pan collar

Outfit 846 – Dress with square collar and large hem

Outfit 847 – Drop waist with lace down the front

Overview of KT Factory Outfits

These four outfits, 808, 809, 811, and 814, although part of the 804-815 series, were worn by GHK dolls. In fact, in a few cases, they appear to have come ONLY on GHK. However, I could be missing information. There could be more outfits from this series that came on GHK, and those that appear to only come on GHK may have come on the regular kids.

These outfits are very different in style and fabrics from the P factory outfits.  I have no idea what came under them. Most of them came with Ballet Flats.

When these outfits came on Growing Hair Kids, the outfit came with a hair accessory.

  • 808 – suede fabric tie
  • 809 – hair accessory unknown
  • 811 – puffy hair bow
  • 814 –suede fabric tie

For more information on these outfits, including the record spreadsheet, refer to the following posts: All about outfits #804-#809 and All about outfits #810 – #815

Similar Outfits

These dresses all have drop waists, all-over prints, and a large waist ribbon or bow.

Other Information

These 1988 Coleco Catalogue advert pictures have the kids wearing later Cornsilk dresses and a few of the GHK dresses. Interestingly, they didn’t end up wearing the Cornsilk dresses, but they did come in ‘regular’ kid outfits.

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