Fascinating Facts & the last 6 weeks

A look at my ‘finds’ over the last 6 weeks and some fascinating facts about my research so far.

During my ‘time off’ I continued to gather information on CPK clothes; however, I didn’t have time to process it. Today I did. I thought you might find it interesting to get a glimpse of what came in.

This list shows the number of each type of outfit I was able to identify from the pictures I saved in the last 6 weeks. They were provided by a variety of people from all over the world!

  •  4 1983 outfits
  •  2 Preemie outfits
  •  6 BBB outfits
  •  1 500s series outfit
  •  1 720s outfit
  •  1 Talker Outfit
  •  1 Sippin’ Kids outfits
  •  2 Transitional packaged outfits
  •  1 Designer Line outfits
  •  5 Furskin Outfits
  •  3 Hasbro Outfits
  •  5 Play Along outfits
  • Lots of aftermarket samples

I also found a lot of outfits that I now have pictures for, but for which I still need tag information. So, it continues!

Fascinating Research Facts (so far)

(Well, at least I find them interesting.)

  • My research currently takes up 7.71 GB on my computer.
  • I have 9331 files and 915 folders of research.
  • I have 163 files and 31 folders on aftermarket doll clothes.
  • I have 1335 files and 132 folders on foreign outfits.
  • The 1983 Series consists of 438 outfits so far . . . I’m thinking it will be closer to 600 or more once they are all discovered.
  • We know of 25 Coleco factory codes and 4 foreign factories.
  • Coleco Pets and 14″ Furskin outfits are on the matrix. 600’s and 400’s.
  • Koosa outfits have their own matrix.
  • There are only 4 outfits with numbers in the 200s so far.
  • There are only 6 outfits with numbers in the 400s so far.
  • Although there are upwards of eight IC factories that produced dolls, the clothing isn’t numbered in the same way.
  • Casual Wear outfits were based on SS. Happiness Crew and Snoopy Peanuts outfits.

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