Casual Wear Line Pt. 2

“Things are never lost to you; you are lost to them. If ever in need of a Thing that has lost you, simply stop hiding from it.”
~ Shannon Hale

Part 1


Now that I had a clue that the other outfits might exist, I started to pay attention. Unfortunately, my next find was still an accident! I asked for tag information on a dress that had a CPK label but didn’t look familiar at all. I thought it might be homemade with the label added. What I got sent by Jamie H., was the following:

Photo courtesy of Jamie Henry.

Now, the CC factory only made two types of outfits: 1) letters L, M, and N in the first 20 outfits (and this outfit was NOT one of those) and 2) the Casual Wear Line (CWL). When I compared the tag pictures with the CWL tags, they matched.

So, I asked around. Nobody recognized it. I now believe that this might be one of the forgotten Casual Wear Line outfits, the red and white checked dress. It looks exactly like the dress that is worn under Allie Cat’s apron.

Source unknown

I do not know if the CPK version came with an apron. I have since found a second dress that also did not have the apron with it. Another collector also sent me a picture of a dress that looks like a green and white checked version, but I was unable to see a CPK label and was not able to get any other information. Interestingly, there was an early version of Allie Cat’s dress that was a green and white check. (Jennifer Pelfrey, Feb. 24, 2021.)

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Pelfrey.

What I do not have, is a MIB version of the red and white check dress, which I need to prove that this is a Casual Wear Line outfit. Do you have this treasure in your collection?


Based on the sources quoted in Pt. 1, we are still missing two Casual Wear Line outfits.

The first, described as ‘green jogging shorts with white tee shirt’, may be referring to the green jogging outfit; however, the descriptions are not a good match.

Jodi Punki Patch and I speculate that it may be referring to the S.S. Happiness character, Jack the Rabbit, and his green jogging shorts. Unfortunately, the description does not match the sleeveless tee that normally accompanies it. However, they could have matched it with the white character shirt each of the S.S. Happiness Crew can also be found in. I have no idea what graphic they would have put on it.

As for the ‘blue romper’, we have no leads as we cannot find a character outfit that matches the description. I wonder if it looks something like the elephant romper. Do you have any ideas?
UPDATE: We now have an idea! Fellow collector, Jennifer Pelfrey, speculates that it may be referring to Snoopy’s Lifeguard outfit. What do you think? Do you have any CPK outfits that are similar?

A similar situation would have occurred with the White Tux outfit, as we can find no character reference for it either, except that collectors were already aware that it is a Casual Wear Line outfit.
UPDATE: We’ve found a match! The White suit outfit is very similar to the Snoopy Disco outfit. (Jennifer Pelfrey, Feb. 24, 2021)

This has been an exciting experience, and I can only hope the missing outfits will be discovered in the future!


I’m now almost certain there are 8 Casual Wear Outfits, with the possibility of two more. They are as follows:

These, and others not listed here, maybe unidentified Casual Wear outfits:

  • Green jogging shorts
  • Blue romper

Special thanks to Kat Pershouse, Jodi Isaac, Margaret Granato, and Jennifer Pelfrey for their assistance with pictures and research.

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