Beneficial Buttons

Buttons seem so small, so insignificant. However, sometimes they can be helpful.

How do you know which outfits came on 1983 kids? In most cases, it’s impossible to tell. Outfits with button accessories are one of the exceptions.

Apparently, for at least a portion of 1983, they used clear buttons. I am unsure exactly when they stopped, but they were no longer using them by 1984. (Ref#4, Vol. 3, Issue 8, p. 4)

> This applies to:

Later buttons were white with an outside ridge.

Sailor Suit, outfit #20

This does not apply to the Sailor Romper because, although we call it a part of the 1983 outfit series, it didn’t actually come out until 1984. By this time, they were no longer using the clear buttons. I don’t think this outfit would look good with clear buttons anyway.

Ducky Dress, outfit #11

All 1983 Button ducky dresses will have clear buttons, but because the only ducky dresses with buttons came out in 1983, there are no ducky dresses with white buttons.

According to J. Mullin, Jesmar Ducky Dresses have buttons, and some of them are coloured. (Ref #3, p. 378)

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