BBB Mimic Series: 670s-680s

A set of BBB outfits that look remarkably like other BBB outfits . . . but these came out in 1987 and I’m missing a lot of them! Can you help?

BBB Information Summary Post
1st BBB Outfits – Pt. 1 – 190s
1st BBB Outfits – Pt. 2 – 200s

This outfit series came out in 1987, as the 7- on the clothing tags indicate. (For more information about this aspect of CPK clothing codes, visit Tag Codes Continued: A 2nd Theory. ) However, it appears the knit outfits were all designed in 1985 (and copyrighted at that time) but not manufactured until 1987. On the other hand, the terry cloth outfits were designed and produced in 1987. They must have been a last-minute addition. Also, the knit outfits were all produced in West Hartford, CT, whereas the terry cloth outfits were produced in Amsterdam, NY. For more information on the significance of these manufacturing locations, visit Tag Codes Continued: A 2nd Theory.

Like other CPK kids at this time, these kids came with slightly different coloured boxes and newly formatted birth certificates. The new text is blockier, and on the boxes, the BABIES is in purple rather than aqua. Like the previous BBB kids, they also came with a footie outfit, a bonnet, a blanket, and a white felt diaper.

I call this the BBB Mimic Series, as many of these outfits look similar, or mimic, outfits that had already been produced. (See below for details.)

This series goes from #670 – #684. It may go as high as #688, as I know the next series starts at #689, but I have no evidence for that yet. At the moment, I am missing information on at least one-third of these outfits: #671, #675, #677, #678, #679. They may not have been produced at all. I do not know.

Most of this series is knit, like the previous BBB outfits, but the last few are made of terry cloth. This is a significant change that carried on in later BBB outfits. These outfits were manufactured by the SS and WS factories, but SS appears to be the primary factory at this point, as it is most frequently recorded. (See the pictures above.)

The Outfits

The outfits came in at least eight different pastel colours that were used in a variety of combinations. Unlike the previous BBB series, the colours do not correspond to a code letter. (See Series 1 for details.) Like the previous BBB series, I have created names/descriptions for these outfits because I am unaware of any conventionally accepted ones.

Outfit Colours

Version Information

My goal is to record every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of the outfits in this series that I have recorded. To understand clothing codes, factories, and variations, please refer to What are Clothing Tag Codes? and Factories and Companies.

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here, I would like to hear from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details, visit Taking Clothing Tag Pics.

Caring for BBB outfits

Similar outfits

  • 671 is similar to #192. There are no holes in the sleeves and booties of #671 and the necks are very different.
  • #672 and #681 are similar to #203 and #193. They are all dresses.
  • #673 is similar to #194 and #202. The chest area is the most obvious difference for all three.
  • #674 looks similar to #195, #199, #201 and #679. They are all two-piece outfits with sweaters and footie pants. The hat and the pattern on the sweater are the most obvious differences.
  • #675 looks similar to #196.
  • #676 is similar to #197. The collar style is the most obvious difference.
  • #670 and #680 are very similar to #202.
  • #682 is almost identical to #400. (FUTURE POST)
  • #683 is similar to #128, with the number of chest ruffles being the obvious difference.
  • #684 is similar to #103, #130, and an outfit with the number #12_(complete code unknown).

Other Information

> Unlike the previous BBB series, these outfits do not have ribbons used anywhere except for the odd bow.
> The 670s appear to be harder to find outfits than the 680s. This may change as more information is acquired.
> At this point, I believe the outfit hardest to find in this series is outfit #672 – Dress set, two bows at the waist. Having said that, those unrecorded at this time also likely fit in the HTF category!

> Fun fact: Examples of these outfits can be found in the 1987 Coleco Catalogue on page 7. The picture shows a combination of Series 1 outfits and Mimic Series outfits. Can you determine which one is from is which?

Picture of 6 BBB kids wearing knit outfits with blankets scattered amongst them. They are wearing various colours and outfits.

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