A milestone for me . . .#1000!

I can’t believe I reached 1000!!

I started this blog because of patterns I saw in my records. Records I was keeping on my Cabbage patch collection. I recorded each doll as they came into my hands, even those I adopted out again. I have done this since almost the very beginning.

It is because of this record I know that on June 11th, 2022, I found my 1000th kid! I would like to introduce Cataleya Aubrey. She’s a 1983 #2HM long-looped lemon blonde with blue eyes. She’s an OK factory with an HK body. She’s wearing a HTF white sleeper. Defuzzing her hair took me weeks, but it was worth it!

Picture of a CPK standing in front of a tree.  She's a 1983 #2HM long looped lemon blonde with blue eyes wearing a white HTF sleeper with teddy bear patch on it.

Obviously, she’s a special lady but she is looking for a forever family. If you’re interested you can find her details here.

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