#17 Heart Dress

Challenge Day #17 – “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

Main graphic with a light blue background and black text that says "#17 Heart Dress" bracketed by two dolls. One has brown hair with braids and browon eyes, #2 head mold. She's wearing a white dress with three ribbons around the skirt and a pink heart at the breast, with purple tights. The other dolls has red braids, blue eyes and a #2 head mold. She is wearing a yellow dress with ribbons and a pink heart with white tights.

Suggested reading: An explanation of the 1983 series of outfits that the swing dress belongs to. Jump to: 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

Original Name: Little Heart Throb
Alternate Name: Puffed Heart Dress (Ref #4, Vol. 3 Iss. 8, p. 3)

This outfit has a drop waist dress with an attached mini skirt and is made out of fleece-lined sweatshirt material. The skirt has three rows of satin ribbon encircling it, and there is a pink heart applique on the right breast. It generally comes with tights and regular lace-up shoes.

yellow dress with thre ribbons around the skirt and apink heart on the breast.
Outfit 17 IC, code still unknown

This outfit was sold from 1983 until 1985, most likely longer. It was sold both on kids and packaged, starting in 1984.

Version Information

My goal is to find every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of each version of this outfit that I have, up to the date indicated. To understand clothing codes, factories and variations, please refer to the suggested readings below.

Suggested readings: 1st Blog – Why do this project?, What are Clothing Tag Codes, 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here or does not match my information, (e.g. you have a 16A KT that is green, not blue) I would appreciate hearing from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details on the pictures required, jump to Taking Clothing Tag Pics.

This outfit is difficult to record reliably. I always want to hear about tags that I don’t have recorded; however, only include the tights if you KNOW they came with that dress. It turns out that the tights are the distinguishing feature of the outfit. I need to know they came together.

This outfit does not appear to have been manufactured by the primary factories CC and SS.


> The following are observable differences between outfits produced at various factories.

  • dress fabric texture
  • heart applique (in various ways)
  • colour/shade of ribbons
  • tight fabric
  • tight structure
LF vs. OK fabric

> Mimic outfits: The Play Along 25th Anniversary kid version is pink and looks very close to the Coleco. For more information, visit 25th Anniversary CPK Outfits

> There were many variations made by foreign factories. For information on identifying a Jesmar version, jump to Identifying Jesmar Clothing. They came in different colours, and the heart applique was often in different places or, in some cases, missing altogether. In most cases, on foreign outfits, the colour of the heart matches the colour of the dress. (Ref #3, p.375)

At least some (not sure about all) Triang-Pedigree heart dresses are made of a different fabric with a waffle pattern look.

Photo courtesy of Laura Saha Hain.

Other Information

> The applique on the KT outfits has been added in a structurally different manner than others.

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  1. Filling in missing information for #17 Little Heart Throb dress :

    #17K/ OK factory Yellow Dress

    Stripes are Light green/White/Lavender

    I can’t confirm the tights color for certain, but at least you can confirm the stripes colors. I can send pictures if you want them.

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