#16 Denim Romper

Deceptively simple, incredibly cute.

Main graphic tthat has a red background, black text that says "#16 Denim Romper" with two kids bracketing it. The first kid is a brown haired shag wtih brown eyes, #8 head mold and glasses. He's wearing a red plaid shirt and jean romper with red cotton hat. The second kid is an AA bald, brown eyed #2 face mold with orange shirt and jean romper.

Suggested reading: An explanation of the 1983 series of outfits that the denim romper belongs to. Jump to: 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

Original Name: Checkmates

Jean/denim romper with a square CPK silk label on the bib, worn over a collared short-sleeve shirt that closes at the front with one button. It comes with a red twill baseball cap, sneakers, and socks. Take note, some early versions may have come with regular lace-up shoes.

Outfit 16D, OK. Blue and white check t-shirt, jean romper, and red cotton hat.
Outfit 16D, OK

This outfit was sold from 1983 until 1985, most likely longer. It was sold both on kids and packaged, starting in 1984.

Version Information

My goal is to find every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of each version of this outfit that I have, up to the date indicated. To understand clothing codes, factories and variations, please refer to the suggested readings below.

Suggested readings: 1st Blog – Why do this project?, What are Clothing Tag Codes, 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here or does not match my information, (e.g. you have a 16A KT that is green, not blue) I would appreciate hearing from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details on the pictures required, jump to Taking Clothing Tag Pics.

This outfit does not appear to have been made by the primary factories CC or SS.


> The following are observable differences between outfits produced at various factories.

  • fabric colour/shade
  • romper stitching
  • romper structure
  • look of the square CPK logo
  • shirt fabric
A collage of pictures showing the differences in sewing and structure in the denim romper and the fabric shades of the shirts.
Pictures courtesy of Jodi’s Punki Patch.

> Mimic outfits: The Play Along 25th Anniversary version came with a blue and white check shirt and the traditional red cap. For more information, visit 25th Anniversary Outfits.

25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid, mint in box. He's got fuzzy wheat hair, green eyes and a #3 head mold. He's wearing a blue and white check shirt, jean romper and red cap.

> There were many variations made by foreign factories. Tsukuda also put some of their twins in this outfit. For information on identifying a Jesmar version, jump to Identifying Jesmar Clothing.

Other Information

> Refer to Beneficial Buttons for information on clear vs. white buttons.

> A few early Hong Kong versions of the outfit have been found with metal buttons and closures. I am unsure of the significance of this difference.

“Triple HK, 1983 KT Early HK kid – Bibbed denim romper with an aqua flannel shirt and red cap. Very unusual, however; is the romper itself which opens and closes at the side with 1/2″ copper naps which are embossed with USA style on each one. Snap fasteners also attached the straps to the bib. The shoes  . . . are white high tops with blue stripes, but the stripes are a dark teal shade, are very shiny and appear to be hand-painted. The inside soles of the shoes are stamped KT Hong Kong in bold black letters.” (Ref #4, Vol. 3 Iss. 3)

(Photo courtesy of Kat Pershouse)

It is interesting that a second metal button outfit has been identified, and both outfits have the same red flannel shirt.

> The CPK logo changes in colour/look. This most likely happened due to changes over time, but may also be caused by the factory. I do not know at this time.

A comparison of the silk label used on the front of the CPK denim romper. There's a difference in size, design, and shade of green.

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