Lacing CPK Shoes

Learn how to lace High-top (aka Lace-up) shoes and Sneakers. There may be more options than you think!
Pictorial and video demonstrations included.

Note: Below you will see a slideshow for each procedure. You can also find videos of me showing how to tie the shoes here:  Lacing CPK Shoes

Lacing Sneakers

This is pretty straightforward. There are only four holes.

(More information – Shoes: Sneakers)

Lacing High-tops

I have found that there are at least two ways that CPK high-top shoes were laced. I’m not sure exactly which factories used which one, but I’ll tell you what I (think) I know.

If you have a MIB kid whose shoes have never been untied and you see a different pattern, I’d love to hear about it! I’d also love to know which factories used which option.

(More information Shoes: Regular ‘lace up’ )

Option 1

I have seen this procedure used by the P, OK, and KT factories. This is what I would call the normal way of lacing, as the ends of the laces are pulled even as you go.

Option 2

I found this procedure on a few OK factory kids. I don’t believe they were all done this way, but the ones I’ve seen were on OK kids.

I believe that this procedure has a significant benefit over the other option. When you pull the laces tight, there isn’t as much pressure on the holes, and they won’t rip as easily.

Other shoes that have laces

Here are pictures of other CPK shoes and how they were originally tied. I apologize. I don’t have many pictures, but I’m always willing to add those sent to me.

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