Unboxing a Treasure for St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patricks Day I celebrated by purchasing a unicorn! Join me as I unbox my treasure at the end of the rainbow.

I bought myself a unicorn and it arrived in time for St. Paddy’s Day! Join me as I unbox the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Spoiler Alert! Only scroll down if you know what the unicorn is!

Meet Mateo Lucas (blue) and Patrick Dante (green).
Patrick is wearing my unicorn outfit!
How appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day.
Of course, what else was I going to name him? After all, he’s all about the green!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wishing everyone a happy Easter and a great holiday weekend!

I was going to take pictures in my mother’s garden with the flowers all a-bloom . . .until the wind because wicked and that plan was blown away.

So, the girls snuggled with Flynn on the couch after enjoying their egg hunt! They wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

Grateful for Gifts Holiday BINGO

Experience the generosity of the amazing people from around the world who collect CPK’s as we play Grateful Gifts BINGO!

I am eternally grateful for all my cabbie friends and those who support my fabulous hobby. During this holiday season, I am reflecting on all the wonderful cabbie-related gifts I have received during my time collecting.

For each square, I will tell a story; can you? Stories can be about gifts you’ve received or gifts you’ve given.

I will be posting twice a week on Hilary’s Facebook page between now and the New Year. Join the group and experience the generosity of cabbie collectors.

Can you get 3 in a row? Can you get an X? Can you get a blackout (all 9)?
Download/save the bingo card and play yourself!

I’d love to see your stories. If you like you can post your responses on FB at Hilary’s Cabbage Patch Clothes Closet, post under my post (when I finish a square), or post on your timeline and share it with Hilary’s Cabbage Patch Clothes Closet.
However, you may post your squares in any order you like at any time.

Feel free to share this bingo card with your cabbie friends.