PTP: Cats and Dogs and Bears, Oh My!

Yes, Coleco Pets, which came out in 1987, are included in my Coleco clothing record as they too have a code on their tag. I have spent only a nominal amount of time searching for code information on these cute little critters, and here is what I found.

Coleco Catalgue 1987, pg. 16

Cats and Dogs

The cats I have recorded are numbered in the 640s and the dogs in the 640s – 650s. Interestingly, they stop just before the first 600s series, the regular kid minic series starts.

The cats and dogs were made by the SS and KT factories and may or may not come with CPK trademark embroidered on the left paw. (Ref #3, p. 319)


The bears appear to only be number 624.

It is believed that the bears are the hardest of the Coleco Pets to find, as they may only have been sold on the Canadian market. (Ref #1, pg.151) They were made by the SM factory and only have the number 624. There may only be four or five versions available, as I only have evidence for A – D.

Of course, this is Coleco, so there’s a twist to the bear story. I recently acquired a second version of A and found that the two were not quite identical! Can you spot the differences?

Scroll down to see the answer.

I have very little information on these Pets and many many questions. If you have any pets and would be willing to share pictures, I would appreciate them. I would especially like to get a picture of Bear B and any bears that look ‘different’ from the letter versions that I have.

Did you find these differences?