CPK Boxes – Pictures of

A pictorial overview of many of the boxes used by Coleco and a few by Hasbro, Play Along, and TRU. I’ve also included the Anniversary kid boxes.

Coleco Boxes (1983 – 1989)
Anniversary Boxes
Boxes by other companies
Jesmar Boxes (link is to another post)
Additional References


Coleco used the yellow and green cellophane-windowed box with dark green insert from 1983-1986. The 1984 and 1985 boxes have rose—red banners on the front; in 1986 the banner says “Official”. The box colours changed in 1987 to aqua and yellow with an aqua liner.

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There are ‘Canadian’ versions of each box if the doll was sold in Canada. Canada requires that all text is in both French and English. Pictures are included below for some of them.

There are many additional specialty boxes that I haven’t shown here. (eg. Astronaut) For those boxes, please use the keyword search and visit those individual blog posts, if already written. In addition, I believe that there are additional mail-order boxes, but these are the only two I have.

Anniversary Boxes

Anniversary CPK Information


‘Boxes’ by other Companies

These are limited to what I happen to have.


I will continue to update this page as appropriate.

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Special Thanks to Minnesota Rebel for inspiring this post. I hadn’t initially planned to do it.