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All about Koosas clothes.

Koosa Basics

Koosas are a Cabbage Patch friend produced by Coleco from 1984 to 1985.

“According to the legend printed on the back of the Koosa Box, Colonel Casey saved the Koosas from a big flood in Wykoosa Valley. He delivered the frightened, shivering creatures to the Cabbage Patch where the Kids recognized them as a very special, loving breed that become friends to all in need and also bring good fortune. The Cabbage Patch Kids took the Koosas to Babyland General Hospital and devised a plan to find special friends for them.”

Ref #1, p. 148
A picture of a number of Koosas playing on my couch. One is reading, another is reading to others, two are laying on the back of the couch, and two are wrestling.

The first run was produced by the OK & KT factories. A second run that came out later in 1985 was produced by the SY factory. They are recognizable by their eye patches (Ref). Koosa’s come in cat (A-2), dog (A-3) and, lion (A-1) head moulds and in a variety of body fabrics and hair colours.

They came with a collar, and like the kids, you could send their adoption papers away to name your Koosa. They would send back completed ‘registration papers’ and a sticker with your chosen name, which you put on the collar.

Koosa Clothing Basics

There are four Koosa outfits, and each comes in 3-5 variations. They were made by the OK, KT, and SY factories and the doll factory matched the outfit factory. The outfit codes all start with P, and I have no idea why. Maybe it stands for Pet? The number represents the outfit style, and the letter represents the fabric/pattern/colour.

P1 – Shortalls

Koosa clothing outfit P1, a pair of shortall's. It comes in jean pattern, blue with white pin stripes, and red.

P2 – Terry cloth shirt with bear or cat patch

Koosa clothing outfit P2, a terry cloth shirt. It comes in white, peach, stripes and mint green.

P3 – Shorts with rainbow suspenders

(Patches can vary but are generally as shown)

Koosa clothing outfit P3, a pair of shorts with rainbow striped suspenders. It shorts come in light blue with duck applique, mustard yellow with giraffe applique, and dark blue with elephant appliques.

P4 – Cotton apron dress which ties at the back

Koosa clothing outfit P4, a terry cloth white cotton dress that ties closed at the back. It comes in white with multi-coloured hearts, pink gingham, white with multi-coloured polka dots, brown and blue plaid, and large purple and orange plaid.


In late 1985 they came out with the second run of Koosa’s and outfits. For this run, the P1A and P1B had yellow footprints on them. They were made by the SY factory.

> I have multiple examples of a white P3 outfit. They are real, but they’re bleached. The final proof was this example. You can still see the blue dye, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the orange is bleached out of the ducky patch (Thank you, Lori Clark), and the thread is still blue. Unfortunately, bright colours like those used on this outfit will fade easily, so I can understand why so many might be bleached.

Photo courtesy of Tonya Swetman.

What I have and what I need

Here is the matrix that shows what I have recorded. For example, I have P1A OK, but I don’t have P1A KT. If you do, I need pictures! Do you have anything that doesn’t match the matrix or isn’t on the matrix? I’d love to hear about it if you do!

For details on how to take clothing tag pictures, jump to Taking Tag Pictures .

References and Resources

A picture of a number of Koosas playing on my couch. One is reading, another is reading to others, two are laying on the back of the couch, and two are wrestling.

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