Hilary’s How-to Videos

The following videos are available on my YouTube Channel. Surf over for some great information! Feel free to ask questions if something isn’t clear.
Note: My video and editing skills are (generally) getting better with practice!

Replacing Elastic in CPK Clothes
Cleaning a Cabbage Patch Kid
Pox and Reverse Pox: What are they?
How to treat a CPK with zit cream
Defuzzing CPK Hair and Clothes
Removing and Replacing a CPK’s Head
Rerooting Hair Loops with a pin vice
Replacing Body Seams and Stitches (a number of videos)
Repairing a body hole
CPK Clothing Q&A (Pt. 1 & 2)

Replacing elastic in CPK clothes

How to replace the elastic in Cabbage Patch Kid clothes if you’re not a sewer. This video includes instructions on how to insert new elastic, depending on the type of elastic originally used. It also covers the materials required and what to do for specific outfit pieces.
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Cleaning a Cabbage Patch Kid

Instructions on how to clean a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. This includes suggested products and procedures.
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Pox and Reverse Pox: What are they?

Information on Cabbage Patch Pox and Reverse Pox (aka Vinyl Discoloration).
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How to treat a CPK with zit cream

Instructions on how to perform a treatment with zit cream. This treatment can be used for CPK pox (vinyl discolouration) on kids and shoes. It can also be used to remove coloured marks from vinyl (e.g. pen, marker, etc.)
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Defuzzing CPK Hair and Clothes: A How-To

How to remove fuzzies from your Cabbage Patch Kids doll’s hair, and some CPK clothes. Direct Link

Removing and replacing a CPK’s head

Instructions on how to remove the head of a Cabbage Patch Kid and the replace it. It also includes how to add stuffing to a doll. Direct Link

Direct Link to YouTube Channel (Brekkeb)

Rerooting Hair Loops (with a pin vice)

Basic instructions on how to reroot loops on a CPK head using a vice pin.
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Replacing Body Seams and Stitches

Sewing a Body Seam: The general stitch I use to fix a burst seam. Direct Link
The Bum: Demonstration and instruction on how to replace a bum stitch Direct Link
The Legs: How to replace the knees, ankles, and toes. Direct Link
The Arms: How to replace the elbows, wrists, and fingers. (Video to come)
The Crotch: How to replace the crotch area of a CPK’s stitching. Direct Link

Repairing a Body Hole

This is how I repair a hole or run in the body fabric. It was done on the fly, it’s a bit rough, but you can get the idea. Direct Link

CPK Clothing Clothing Q & A
(for CPK Spooktacular 2020)

In this session I provide an overview of my project that became Hilary’s Cabbage Patch Clothes Closet, outline the final goal I have planned, how you can help me, and how this information is useful to you.
I then answer questions about CPK clothing – Cornsilks, Twins, sales patterns, Designer Line, BBB’s and more.
NOTE: This was taped as part of the CPK online Spooktacular in October 2020. It was edited to remove useless space and errors. Pictures and blog post references have been added.
Part 1 – Direct Link
Part 2 – Direct Link

Lacing CPK Shoes

Learn how to lace High-top (aka Lace-up) shoes and Sneakers. There may be more options than you think!
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Future Videos

  • Restoring Cornsilk hair
  • Tips for CPK clothes
  • Replacing fingers

If you want a how-to for something not on the list let me know and I would be happy to consider it. I won’t promise anything.