Hasbro Apron Dress – #505

Very similar to the Coleco Apron dress, these Hasbro outfits are harder-to-find, having been sold for a very short time. Can you collect all 5?

These dresses came out sometime around 1989/1990 and were worn by regular-sized, yarn-haired, Transitional kids. Consequently, they were not sold for long and can be hard to find.

Five dolls standing on CPK doll stands. Each is wearing one of the Hasbro Apron dresses with matching Ballet Flats and ruffled socks.
Photo courtesy of Chris Hansing Tallman.

Like other Transitional outfits, their tags have a Coleco number/letter code but are on Hasbro tags. For an explanation of the Coleco codes, visit What are Clothing Tag Codes.

I believe these outfits likely came with either ballet flats or a coordinating coloured pair of Mary Janes. I have evidence that 505A came with yellow ballet flats, and 505B came with pink Mary Janes. However, the shoes used may not have been consistent by this time, so the colour and shoe type could vary considerably.

These are the known versions of this outfit. It is believed, by collectors, that this is a complete set.

Visit #505 – Apron Dress for information on the earlier Coleco version of this dress. The most obvious differences between the two outfits are the lack of shoulder-ties and CPK logo patch.

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