Identifying Outfit #10 Windbreakers by factory

What jacket goes with which shirt in the CPK Windbreaker outfit #10? Which factory made which jacket? Find out!

Outfit #10 – Windbreaker Outfit
Identifying striped windbreaker shirts by factory
Identifying windbreaker outfit jeans by factory

The majority of CPK windbreaker jackets from outfit #10 aren’t tagged. If the jacket gets separated from the original outfit, it can be difficult to tell which shirt/jeans go with it. The shirts are tagged. So, if you can figure out the jacket’s factory, you can match it to the right shirt.

You can use the following characteristics to help determine which factory made a jacket.

Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. It is only based on what I can confirm as of publication. I always appreciate getting new or conflicting information.

Hem Elastic

There are two types of hems: exposed elastic and enclosed elastic.

Exposed elastic is visible and is attached using two lines of sewing. Known factories: OK, IJ

Enclosed elastic isn’t visible. It is enclosed in jacket fabric. It is a large strip of elastic, which is only sewn into the jacket at either end. Known factories: P, PMI, KT, LF


All Coleco zippers are plastic with a metal pull, and most have KKK on the zipper pull. I have found VKK on some P factory zippers, but not all. If you have another zipper on your jacket, it is likely from a foreign factory (See below) or is aftermarket

CPK Logo

The logo seems to vary the most. There are two basic versions. One sits at almost 90 degrees from the zipper and bottom hem. The other is at more of an angle/curve.

The logos also come in varying sizes and shades of green. In some cases, they just look a bit different. Here are the logos that I have identified so far.

Foreign outfits

Jesmar: The logo is different. It has a shadow outline and is smaller than the OK one. It is applied quite far from the zipper. These jackets tend to be very thin fabric. The zipper pull is a different shape.

Lily Ledy: These jackets seem to come with a zipper or button closure or no closure system at all. For jackets with a zipper, the pull is very distinctive in shape.

Triang Pedigree: These jackets have a wide white zipper but the pull itself is silver metal.

Tsukuda: According to my records, Tsukuda jackets close with velcro. I would like to confirm this.

Special thanks to Andrea’s Cabbie-kids for some of the previous pictures and information.

Other Information

> In the only two examples of KT windbreaker outfits that I have, the tag is in the jacket, not the shirt. So, if you get a shirt without a tag, it must be KT.

> One 25th Anniversary outfit was the windbreaker outfit. It’s purple. Here is a comparison of the PA windbreaker versus a Coleco OK jacket.

> Outfit #100 is a windbreaker outfit. The most obvious and unmistakable difference in the jacket is the lack of a logo. The outfit tag is in the jacket, not the shirt.

Red CPK windbreaker jacket from the 100 outfit. Zipper is undone.

PTP: Bubble Romper Sweaters

How to determine which knit sweaters may go with which bubble romper. It’s all in the details!

Like all of the clothing made for Cabbage Patch Kids, the sweaters used in the #9 Bubble Romper Outfit are susceptible to differences based on factory. Meaning, the look of the sweaters changes based on the factory that produced them.

These sweaters are not tagged. (For information on what part of a CPK outfit do come tagged, visit Where are tags in clothing located?) Consequently, it is difficult to confidently match sweaters to rompers.

To determine which factory made a sweater, take note of the following.

  • The tension and pattern of the knit.
  • The patterns that are used for the edges and hems.
  • The pattern and look of the decoration around the neck. (If there are any.)
  • The colour(s) used around the neck.

NOTE: The factory of manufacture for each sweater is noted in the caption of the picture.

If you have a sweater that is not pictured here, or you have a better picture than one used here, I would love to see it.

Yellow Sweaters

I believe that yellow sweaters were only manufactured by the OK factory and for the 25th Anniversary Kids (Play Along).

Knit Booties

The correct knit booties will match the sweater. They will have the same tension and knit pattern. For more information visit Shoes: Knit Booties.

Poseable Actionwear

These specialty outfits offered us the freedom to pose our Cabbage Patch Kids. What a cool concept!

These outfits came out in 1985. They were designed to help you pose your doll and were intended to be worn underneath other outfits. There were six different colours available (I think).

The boxes say that they were made by factories in China (P), Korea (IJ), Haiti, and Mexico. As far as I know, this is the only CPK item produced in Haiti.


Actionwear ONLY came packaged. I’ve seen zero evidence that they were ever put on boxed kids. This makes sense; they were never intended to be the only outfit on a doll.

They originally came in packaging designed specifically for them (1). Then they started showing up in packaging designed for the Occupation Rompers (2). Eventually, they were part of the ‘overflowing inventory’ that they had to get rid of, and they started coming out in basic cardboard packaging (3-5).  

One minor problem . . .

For anyone who has handled Actionwear outfits, you know that it isn’t uncommon for the outfit to be sans the wires. The wires tend to burst out of the outfit, like an underwire bra! However, some may have been sold WITHOUT the wire. The following was noted in 1987:

“A liquidation firm sold off a large number of outfits on boards that did not have the wire in them. They were not labelled as “Action Wear” but sure looked like them! The tag says Mexico!’

Ref#4, April 1989, p. 4

The next generation

Hasbro later attempted to improve on this idea by putting the wire directly inside the doll. Poseable kids are considered Transitional Kids.

#10 Windbreaker Outfit

This outfit is tricky, can you help?

Main graphic that says "#10 Windbreaker Outfit" and two dolls. One dolls isa brown hair double braid with brown eyes and paci faced #6 wearing a yellow and white striped shirt, yellow jacket and jeans. The other is a lemon looped blue eyed girl with a #4 paci face, wearing a purple and white striped shirt, purple jacket and jeans.

Suggested reading: An explanation of the 1983 series of outfits that the windbreaker outfit belongs to. Jump to: 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

Original Name: Blue Jean Baby

The outfit consists of a striped white and [insert colour here] cotton shirt, jeans, and a nylon windbreaker jacket that has a white zipper and a green curved CPK logo on the right side. It comes with sneakers and socks.

Outfit 10K, OK. White and orange striped t-shirt, orange zippered jacket and blue jeans.
Outfit 10K, OK

This outfit was sold from 1983 until 1985, most likely longer. It was sold both on kids and packaged, starting in 1984.

Version Information

My goal is to find every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of each version of this outfit that I have, up to the date indicated. To understand clothing codes, factories and variations, please refer to the suggested readings below.

Suggested readings: 1st Blog – Why do this project?, What are Clothing Tag Codes, 1983 Series – The 1st CPK Clothes

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here or does not match my information, (e.g. you have a 6A OK that is green, not blue) I would appreciate hearing from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details on the pictures required, jump to Taking Clothing Tag Pics.

> This outfit does not appear to have been made by the primary factories CC or SS.

This outfit is extremely difficult to confirm as the tag is ONLY located in the shirt. It is too easy to put a shirt, jacket, and jeans together and claim to have a set.

Please provide pictures of shirts with tag codes I do not have, but only include the entire outfit if you KNOW the other pieces came with it. Mint-in-box (MIB) kids are extremely important if you have one. Refer to the Other Information section for details.


> There are observable differences between outfits produced at various factories. For specifics, follow these links:

Identifying CPK Windbreakers by Factory
Identifying CPK Windbreaker shirts by Factory
Identifying CPK Jeans by Factory
Bountiful Blue Windbreakers

> There were many variations made by foreign factories. For information on identifying a Jesmar windbreaker outfit, jump to Identifying Jesmar Clothing

Jesmar windbreaker outfit

> Mimic outfits: The Play Along 25th Anniversary version of this outfit was done only in purple and worn only by girls. Outfit #100 KT is a later mimic outfit with no logo on the jacket. Instead, the logo is on the shirt. I have only one version of outfit #100 recorded.

> 500s Series Windbreaker outfits

Other Information

> I’m not sure, in some situations about shirt and jacket combinations. Several outfits look like they could include the same shirt. Did they change the tags inside the shirt to reflect a different outfit, or did they just put different coloured jackets on the same coded shirt? UPDATED POST – PTP: Bountiful Blue (Windbreakers)

> Girls came wearing a variety of colours. For example, we have a confirmed example of a MIB girl wearing one of the blue outfits.