Taking Clothing Tag Pics

Thank you so much for offering to take pictures to assist me with my research project!

I have created this page to give you an idea of what clothing tag pictures would look like under OPTIMUM circumstances! Honestly, it’s the information on them that matters, but a clear picture with good colour offers a lot of additional information as well.

So, if you’re pictures look like these, that is very okay! I appreciate all the time you’re giving up to do this.

Most picture taken from ‘sales’ posts.

However, if you could do something closer to the pictures below, I would greatly appreciate it. If you can do better (I have some cabbie friends who are FANTASTIC photographers) then that’s even better!

1) Tag Pictures: These pictures provide the factory and code information. Sometimes I need both sides of the tag, sometimes I need only one. If you’re not sure, send both! If possible, please take the pictures over the fabric of the outfit as it helps with sorting the pictures later.

2) ‘Pieces’ picture: Many outfits are comprised of several pieces. This means that some pieces to be difficult to see as they are under others. This picture makes those pieces visible.
My goal is for people to be able to search for an outfit using just one piece. To do that, I need to know what all the pieces look like. Please include hair decorations, underwear, and shoes if you are SURE that they are original to the outfit and you have them.

3) Full outfit picture: This is what the outfit looks like ON the kid (while not actually being on the kid).

BONUS: If you know the following, please include it:

* how the outfit came, packaged or on a kid, on a kid in a box
* If on a kid, what year is the kids?
* If on a kid, what factory is the kid?

This information is coming in very handy as I my research becomes more complex.

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  1. Hello! I have some pictures to send you if a rare Burgundy/Maroon pair of overalls that I received. How do I do this?
    Thank you!

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