Felicity showing off her new homemade outfit. She’s very happy with her new look!
Oh, I’m the one behind her.

As I collected, I learned more and more about these fascinating dolls. Their stories are so complex. So many variables make each doll almost truly unique. As I learned more, I found I was fascinated with the clothing. As the internet developed, I found ‘mentors’ who answered my questions.

I have been collecting Cabbage Patch Kids since I was in my mid-teens. Yep, I didn’t start until most girls are at an age when they QUIT playing with dolls. It started when I found a ‘twin’ for my first doll, Hilary Dorcas. I just couldn’t leave Brekke Anne behind. (Gold star to anyone who can guess where her name came from!)

Over 800 dolls have passed through my hands during the last 25 years. My collection currently stands at around 250 and my apartment just won’t hold many more! I also have numerous Koosas‘, extra clothes, and other CPK items within my collection.

I track all my kids in a spreadsheet. This makes it easy to see at a glance what I have, who needs what and many other important details.

I am a member of numerous CPK related Facebook pages and have my own site where I adopt out kids, sell CPK clothes and other items, and have a list of what I am currently searching for. https://pamspatch.weebly.com/

“Pam has been an amazing friend to share a common passion of Cabbage Patch Kids with. Back when I started collecting, I would never have imagined I could be connected with someone across great distances that shares the same passion as I and that most people don’t understand. She has inspired me and brought a whole new interest to my own collection. Discovering the patterns in the clothing numbering, lettering, and factory differences has intrigued my inner puzzle-solving detective and sent me rummaging through items I had even long forgotten about. I have enjoyed sharing many long conversations of photo sharing and collection details. Though we have never met in person, I would imagine if we did, it would be like a childhood sleepover of nonstop excitement. There are few people I can genuinely connect with, but Brekke is definitely one of them.”

Jodi (Punki Patch Rescue)

For more information on my CPK clothing project, check out my first post, or learn about the codes on CPK clothing HERE.