#508 : Tri-Heart Dress

Summary of 500s Series outfits and a list of the outfits: The 500s Series


This outfit consists of a dress, tights, and leg warmers. The dress has mesh sleeves and neckline. The attached skirt is pleated. The front has a silk-screened Cabbage Patch Kids arched logo above three hearts. I’m not sure which shoes this outfit came with, either pink striped sneakers or regular lace-ups.

#508A KT, Photo courtesy of Kat Pershouse.

It is believed that the outfit did not start being manufactured until 1986, instead of 1985 like most of the others in this series. Consequently, it has a shorter manufacturing time and is harder to find. There’s no known explanation for this. For details, refer back to the summary post. This outfit only came out on kids. If it’s found packaged, it was done during the ‘inventory clean out’ that happened later.

Version Information

My goal is to find every version of every outfit that was produced. Below is a record of each version of this outfit that I have. To understand clothing codes, factories, and variations, please refer to these posts: 1st Blog – Why do this project?, What are Clothing Tag Codes?, Factories and Companies

If you have an outfit that is not recorded here, I would like to hear from you. Information is best sent in the form of pictures. For details, visit Taking Clothing Tag Pics.

Factory Variations

I have only one factory, AX, to compare to the KT outfits. On the AX factory outfit (508B), the hearts appear to be slightly bigger, the skirt is hemmed differently, and it has larger skirt pleats.

Photo courtesy of Chris Hansing Tallman.

Other Information

> Fun fact: A prototype version of this outfit can be found in the 1985 Coleco Catalogue (p. 3, 16). There’s also a purple version on the 1st Birthday card. I don’t believe it was ever produced.

2 thoughts on “#508 : Tri-Heart Dress

  1. i found the same doll and the exact same dress, in pink though (the 508g) in a box of dolls i purchased from someone…. i write to you to tell you that i am so glad you have this website. i almost sold her and her outfit for very little money. i am happy to know that her outfit is quite rare….. ….. ….. ….. she is a kt factory doll, her pink dress states kt also, and now i am looking for pink stockings and pink leg warmers to go with her outfit knowing now that pink is the colour i should be looking for,,,, and, i will keep her now in her adorable rare little 3 heart dress…. ….. ….. ….. thank you again and have a healthy happy day.

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