Happy Easter Everyone!

Wishing everyone a happy Easter and a great holiday weekend!

I was going to take pictures in my mother’s garden with the flowers all a-bloom . . .until the wind because wicked and that plan was blown away.

So, the girls snuggled with Flynn on the couch after enjoying their egg hunt! They wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

A Bountiful Start to Spring 2022

New information is popping up like spring flowers!

The last week or so has been amazing! Although I have people contacting me all the time with information, the last week has seen a bountiful crop of new information. It’s hard to believe that I’m still missing so much on the matrix, but there it is!

In the few days I’ve recorded the following:

  • Two entirely new matrix outfits: #811 and #402
  • Idenfified new factories of production for 5 outfits
  • Had lots of Lily Ledy and Triang Pedigree outfits sent my way (most of the time I get Jesmar)

Thank you so much to those who provided this information and any I’ve received in the past.

This blog and the information in it improve only because of the willingness of other collectors to send me missing or contradictory information. I love a mystery!

The next time you get a new outfit or a new doll, will you check to see if it’s been recorded?